FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

About Villa Famosa Bungalows

Is Villa Famosa under A’Famosa Resort’s Management?

No. Villa Famosa is an independent agency and appointed agent by the bungalows’ owners to manage rental for a selection of bungalows.

Are those bungalows belongs to A’Famosa Resort?

No. All bungalows belong to individual. 

Does the bungalows come with free access to A’Famosa Resort’s facilities and theme parks?

As bungalows belong to individual, access to A’Famosa Resort’s facilities is not possible. Entrance fee is payable for each and every theme park, including those staying with A’Famosa Resort. 

Does every bungalow comes with private swimming pool? Are they gated?

Yes. All bungalows come will private swimming pool, with some of them gated. For details refer to ‘Our Bungalows’ page & browse through features of each bungalow.

What are the features of each bungalow? Are they all similar?

Each bungalow has its own list of features, and they are not exactly similar. Please refer to ‘Our Bungalows’ page to find out more. 

What’s the difference in bungalow configuration and facilities with those offered under A’Famosa Resort?

None. The bungalows are identical. Often our bungalows are renovated by the owner themselves, hence you can expect better features at a much lower rental rate.

Is barbecue (BBQ) allowed? I understood no barbecue (BBQ) is allowed under A’Famosa Resort’s property.

Yes. Barbecue (BBQ) is allowed as bungalows not belong to A’Famosa Resort. Please note BBQ is only allowed outdoor beside the pool or within designated area. BBQ is not allowed inside bungalow or within the private garden compound.

Are there facilities for corporate team building event? Do you provide coordinator / trainer?

Currently we do not provide additional facilities for corporate event such as team building or workshop, same goes to coordinator / trainer.

What’s the maximum number of guest allowed in each bungalow?

There is no limitation to number of staying guest in each bungalow. For a comfortable stay, we recommend 8 adults for 3-bedroom unit and 12 adults for 4-bedroom unit.

Is there lifeguard on duty by the swimming pool?

No. There will be no lifeguard nor any special emergency response team. Hence it is very important to ensure safety at all times when using the swimming pool. Adult presence is advised to supervise kids. Refer to ‘Terms & Conditions’ page for details.

Price / Rate & Package

Is the price / rate published final? Any discount to the published price / rate?

We constantly update the latest price / rate for the bungalow. Price / rate is final and not negotiable. However we do give further discount should the stay exceeds single night. Check out our latest offering under ‘Promotions’ page.

Quoted lowest price / rate is starting from RM449 per night, but I cannot find this rate in any of the bungalow, why?

RM449 is the lowest starting rate, and it's available for 3-bedroom bungalow units during Low season. Please see our 'Price & Package' page for more details 

Do you have any special rate for early bird or last minute deal?

We do not have special rate for early bird nor last minute deal at the moment. We will update these offers in our website should this is made available in the future. 

Any special corporate rate for rental by companies for purpose of corporate event, for example, teambuilding?

Yes, we do have special packages for corporate rental. Do take note that quotation will be sent to company email / address for verification purpose. Please contact us for more details. 

How to use seasonal chart? Is it only applicable to all bungalows?

Use seasonal chart to find out the season on the date you preferred. Cross check the season with the rate under individual bungalow, to find out the rate on your preferred date. Do check the special packages or 'Promotions' page, you might get even better rate!

Availability & Reservation

How do I check the availability of the bungalows?

Please contact us to check the availability of bungalows for your preferred date and duration of stay. 

I am staying more than 1 night, and my preferred bungalow only available for a night, can I reserve 2 bungalows for different date?

We do recommend to take a bungalow that fits the duration of your stay, so you can enjoy more discount on the daily rate! Changing bungalow is possible but sadly we will not be able to provide discount.

How far in advance can I reserve the bungalow?

Currently we take reservation 3 months in advance. 

Do I need to pay to reserve a bungalow? If yes, what’s the payment mode available?

Yes. To have your reservation confirmed, a reservation / booking fee equivalent to 50% of the total rental is payable. On accept payment modes, please refer to ‘Payment’ section in this FAQ.

Can I make reservation on behalf of my friend? I will not be there for check in.

Yes definitely. Please provide your friend’s name, contact details and ID verification code (e.g. Malaysia Identity Card number, Passport number etc.), for verification during check in.

I’m non Malaysian but I intend to stay in your bungalow. How can I make reservation? Any restriction?

No worries. We do have non-Malaysian guests. The same steps application, and identity verification will be done via passport number. Do refer to ‘Reservations & Payment’ page for guidance and information. 


What are the payment modes available?

We provide few modes of payment:-

  • Credit Card (VISA / Master) – provided by Paypal

  • Paypal Account Payment - provided by Paypal

  • Direct Bank-In or Inter-Bank Transfer

  • Company Cheque – for corporate reservation only

Please refer to ‘Reservations & Payment’ page for more details. 

Do I need to have Paypal account for Credit Card Payment?

No. You can pay by keying in your particulars, very much similar to standard credit card payment procedure. However if you have Paypal account, you can also login to retrieve your saved information for quicker payment. 

How do I pay with credit card? There’s no payment link on the web pages?

Once the bungalow is available and terms agreed, an invoice / quotation will be sent to your email with payment link. Follow the instruction on page. 

Any processing fee for payment via credit card?

Yes. A 4% transaction fee chargeable, which is part of Paypal payment gateway charges. This will be reflected in the invoice / quotation from Villa Famosa, along with total amount payable.

Can I make full payment instead of 50% requires to confirm reservation, via credit card?

Yes definitely. You can choose to pay any amount between 50% to 100% upfront. In fact, we can include rental, additional products / services within the invoice, if required to.  A standard 4% transaction fee applicable regardless of amount transacted.  

I have problem making credit card payment via Paypal. What shall I do?

Please refer ‘Reservations & Payment’ page for troubleshooting guide. 

I’m paying via GIRO inter-bank transfer, it could takes 3 days to clear. Is it alright?

Please inform us upfront for GIRO inter-bank transfer, so that we are aware of the time requires. 

I’ve made cash payment for reservation. How do I inform you?

Please notify us and provide proof of payment, via image of the bank in slip or snapshot of online transfer transaction, either email or Whatsapp to us at 'Contact Us' page. 

Can I pay the remaining balance via cheque or credit card upon check in?

No. We are sorry to inform only cash is accepted for check in. This applies to rental balance as well as incidental deposit. 

Can I use credit card for incidental deposit?

No. Only cash is accepted for time being. 

Change / Cancellation of Reservation

I’ve made and paid for reservation. However my holiday plan changed, can I change the reservation details?

Yes. We accept change request 15 days before scheduled check in date. Please note a service charge of 5% of the daily rental rate is applicable. Acceptance of change subject to availability. Please refer to 'Our Policies' & ‘Terms & Conditions’ pages for details.

Can I cancel my reservation and get a refund on booking fee paid?

Yes. A 10% service charge of the daily rate chargeable for cancellation request more than 1 month before scheduled check in date. For shorter notice, the booking fee could be forfeited. Please refer to 'Our Policies' and ‘Terms & Conditions’ pages for details.

Can I change the check in guest name?

Yes. Changes can be made at any time without charges. Please note proof of identification will be required. 

Check In / Check Out

Where should I be for check in?

A representative from our company will meet you at your bungalow for check in. Unless otherwise specified, we will expect to receive you at 3pm. Hence it’s important to inform us upfront of any changes on expected arrival time. 

Can I request for early check in before 3pm?

Yes. We will try our best to allow early check in, which is subject to availability and readiness of our bungalow.

Is there a last check in time?

We encourage check in before 10pm, after which there might be delay or complication, as special arrangement is needed for our representative to be there after 10pm. 

Any document or verification requires for check in?

We will require proof of identity, and as normal practice, we expect to receive the same person who made the reservation earlier, unless otherwise specified. 

How much is incidental deposit?

For any duration of stay, a RM300 incidental deposit will be collected for EACH bungalow, payable by cash and refundable upon check out. 

Can I request for late check out beyond 12pm noon?

Yes, subject to availability. Half day rental chargeable for check out after 3pm. Please read 'Our Policies' and ‘Terms & Conditions’ section for details.

To who should I pass the keys for check out?

Unless otherwise informed & agreed, we will be present at the bungalow at 12pm to process the check out. 

Can I leave my belongings in the bungalow after check out?

No. We encourage you to bring along all belongings after check out, as we will start housekeeping right after your check out. 


Do you provide room service? Who should I call if I need something in the bungalow?

We do not provide room service. We will run through check list with you during check in, to ensure everything is in order. Should you require any help, for example, charcoal for barbecue (BBQ), please inform us a day earlier (please note charges applied). 

Anywhere I can get a map to nearby restaurant or petrol station?

A’Famosa Resort is located only 10 minutes away from the nearest town, Tampin. There are few good restaurants serving different types of food. Petrol stations are available. Call us anytime for other information. 

Where I can find out information about your policies?

Please read ‘Our Policies’ page for further details.

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